Lynn Johnson

Through the creation of her art, Lynn becomes an observer in her own life and strives to celebrate personal interactions and preserve meaningful memories. The contemplative nature of Lynn’s work doesn’t scream for attention.  Instead it draws the viewer in with a sense of shared understanding and emotion. Her award winning work, in a range of mediums, has been exhibited throughout the country and as far away as Singapore, Venice, Italy and Istanbul, Turkey. Several pieces are now in the hands of private collections.

Lynn teaches art at North Shore High School including IB-Visual Art, AP-2D Design and Darkroom and Digital Photography. She designed and runs the Photography program which includes a comprehensive three or four year syllabus inspired by current college curricula. Black/white film and darkroom techniques, digital photography and Photoshop, studio lighting, 35mm and 120mm film formats, infrared and night photography, Cyanotype and Van Dyke printing are some of the many topics she covers.